Ofsted: Rating ‘Good’ February 2019

"Children progress well from their initial starting points…… They develop the skills they need to become confident and inquisitive learners."

"Children behave well at the pre-school. Staff provide them with positive praise and act as strong role models for them. Children listen well and follow the instructions they are given."

"Staff support children's learning well. They assess children's individual levels of progress regularly and provide them with appropriate and achievable next steps. As a result, all children make good progress in their learning and development."

"Staff embrace children's various cultures and languages. As a result, children learn about and readily accept the differences between themselves and others…. They confidently sing hello in a variety of languages that are relevant to the children who attend the preschool."

"Children enjoy participating in activities that staff plan for them. For example, they create cards for the people they love, to celebrate Valentine's Day."

"Children enjoy learning in the light and airy environment and choose confidently from the range of resources on offer."

"The highly reflective management team adapt their provision to support the children who attend the pre-school…. The management team supports staff with appropriate training opportunities to help them to meet children's needs well."

"Staff provide a nurturing and calm atmosphere for the children."

"Staff skillfully adapt their teaching methods to support children's individual learning styles."

"They provide children with toys that interest them and this motivates them to stay focused as they learn."

"Children form friendships with others and they interact positively with each other."

Ofsted 2019


"Thank you for all your efforts to support Adnan in gaining confidence, making new friends. He will miss you all." Adnan’s mum 2018

"She has enjoyed her time with you and has really grown. I can't praise the staff enough. We will both miss you all." Sophie Burr 2019

"Thank you MPS staff so much, Leen had a great time with you, learnt so much and made good friends. Thank you for your efforts." Leen 2018

"Thank you very much, Boodi had a great year with you in nursery . Enjoyed learning and playing with his friends. Thank you for all your efforts to make him happy." Mosa family, 2018

“Thank you to everyone at MPS. Special thanks to Leanne as well for your confident start to nursery life. Isabella will continue to sing all the lovely songs she has learnt here.” All the best Isabella + Family. 2018

"To all the staff at MPS. Thank you all so much for all the help and support you have given to Isla and myself. We will miss you all." Sandra and Isla Hurt. 2018

"To MPS, Big thank you to all" Lots of love Sebastian, 2018

"To all the staff at MPS, Thank you for all your hard work this year and for looking after Harry. I know he will miss you all !!!" Love Mirriam, Matt, Joshua and Harry Smith. 2018

"To all the lovely ladies at MPS, A big thank you for looking after Leo this year and for all you do." With love the Carter family, 2018

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you have showed Ellie. She has come along so well. We will truly miss you all." Lots of love Laurie, Paul and Olivia. 2017

"We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the staff, especially Gemma, for all their support and care. Our son had a bit of a shaky start when joining MPS but Gemma was fantastic with him, kind and caring and this shows in the bond he has with her. He's grown in confidence at MPS and we are pleased he has spent his Pre school year with you." Parent  2017

"I just wanted to put in writing how pleased I have been with my choice of MPS to look after my 2 daughters. The only reason we are moving Olivia is because my work hours are increasing and I need child care in the afternoons now as well as the morning.
Isabelle and Olivia have been so happy at MPS. It's kind and nurturing environment have really helped increase their confidence and prepare them the school. I trust the staff completely and Gemma, Olivia's key worker, really knows her and understands her character. I am very sad to be leaving MPS." Katie Thompson 2017

"Thank you to all the staff for the fabulous Nativity we have just watched. In the term that Imogen has been at Pre-school, Imogen has transformed from a shy little girl, scared of adults to a confident little girl happy to come to school. The Nativity was just perfect!" Jo, 2015

"Dear staff, Thank you so much for all your hard work over the past year. You have worked really well with the Alban way Children’s Centre and have been very flexible with arranging meeting times. Fantastic partnership working and an excellent Pre-school. Keep up the hard work!" Sarah – Alban way Children’s Centre, 2015

"I am so pleased Miles was able to come to you for his pre school years. My eldest son had a wonderful time with you and I knew this would be the right place for Miles too.
Miles has learned so much and his confidence has grown enormously. It's as lovely to see him holding his pencil correctly as it is to know that Monkey can now be left at home and hand driers can be fun!
Thank you for caring for his brain and his heart. I think this is so important as the emphasis from the government is ever on targets.
It's reassuring to know from experience that your emphasis is our children and all their individual needs. I am so chuffed that Miles has come home wanting to write his name and interested in numbers but even more so that he is happy here, separated easily, is always outdoors, has willing help for his physical needs, chats about you all, loves his key worker, I could go on! We're both really looking forward to next year as Miles heads into Butterflies." J Osei, 2016

"Dear staff, Thank you for all your support. I am a single mum, I was shy, nervous and a little worried but you guys have made me and my kids so much happier and more at ease. Our routines are amazing now and I love seeing you all each morning." Love Kelly & twins.

"Thank you for all you have done for Samson. He has gained in confidence & has really enjoyed coming to MPS. Great activities which are different everyday! Beautiful garden when the sun shines. Samson will miss coming to MPS." Ruth, 2014

"I have never come across such a wonderful and friendly school like MPS. I would like to thank you for all the care and attention you have given to Anna. You make everyone feel so special and welcome. You are like family away from home. We thank you today for all that you do and we will miss you so very much. Thanks again" Benita & Anna, 2014

"A wonderful pre-school that my daughter loves coming to – settled well, amazing staff who cannot do enough to help!" Jane, 2013

"A wonderful Christmas show – well done to the children and well done to all the staff! Hard work has paid off!" Maureen, 2013

“A real home away from home. I wouldn’t have left my boys anywhere else and left them knowing they would be so loved and well cared for.” Sarah, 2013

“From the moment we walked into MPS we both knew Dylan would be very happy – mainly due to the warmth of the staff – smiles all round and caring attention to the little ones.” Dani, 2013

“Both of my children have attended MPS. They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and never not wanted to go to ‘little school’. The atmosphere is wonderful and friendly. The new emphasis on curriculum adds to what was already a lovely Pre-School.” Claire, 2012

Ofsted: Rating ‘Good’ March 2017

“The manager has implemented a successful system of supervision and training for all staff. She monitors staff practice through her daily interactions with them. She works closely with senior staff and they role model good practice to support staff who are currently training. Staff comment that they feel valued and appreciated in their role.”

“Children delight as they join in with music and movement and enjoy doing the actions to their favourite songs. They are provided with time to practise their early writing skills. Children proudly show their written names on their pieces of creative work.”

“Children behave well and are kind to one another. They quickly learn to share and take turns. Staff help children to learn these skills through the supportive and consistent messages they provide.”

“Parents speak very highly about the staff and the activities and games provided for their children.”

“ Children enjoy taking on responsibilities, such as when they tidy away the toys or take their turn to be the helper in group time. They develop their independence skills as they pour their own drinks and put on their coats for a trip to the library.”

“Children are eager learners and enthusiastically take part in a wide range of learning opportunities offered. From their initial starting points, children are making good progress. They quickly learn the essential skills needed ready for their move on to school.”

“ Children enjoy modelling and creating shapes of their favourite animals with different coloured play dough. They proudly share their achievements with their friends, helping to build their confidence and self-esteem and enabling children to review their own learning.”