Term & Diary Dates

Pre-school & Nursery Dates

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Every Wednesday
Something related to the topic of the week, or something of interest to the child, is bought into Pre-School and Nursery and spoken about during group time. This encourages communication and language, taking turns and supporting and listening to their peers.

Every Thursday
Library day - We take a different group of children to the library each week to choose books and read them together in Pre-School and Nursery. Our nursery group often get the opportunity to take their books home and must remember to return them.

Every Friday
Star of the week - At MPS we like to encourage and promote good behaviour, good listening skills and have a positive attitude towards learning, being helpful and kind to other children.
As our award for the week we will be sending home a cuddly toy. By the end of the term each child will have had a chance to take the MPS Bear, Bunny or Butterfly home. These cuddly toys must be returned before Friday each week so we can have another Star of the week.
You can paint, draw or go on an outing with your cuddly toy. Parents can take photos or write something about your child’s adventure with your child and send them in for us to talk about.